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World Class Staff

Enjoy 4 days of “World-Class” Instruction from numerous Olympians and former American and World Record Holders.

Our coaching staff has a proven record of helping young throwers improve and excel. The majority of our staff have been working together for many years, including 6 coaches who have been participating since the inception of the camp and over 25 coaches who have at least 10 years of camp experience! Needless to say, a well coordinated learning environment and consistent teaching progression are the hallmark of our technical sessions. Most importantly, all participants have the exciting opportunity to work directly with world renowned experts in each individual throwing event – unlike our competition at other “track and field” camps.

As usual, several outstanding collegiate, high school and club coaches will join these elite clinicians in providing elite instruction at our camp. A complete list of our 2022 camp staff will be posted here no later than one month prior to the start date of camp. Provided below is a listing of our current administrative staff and former camp staff members to help demonstrate who will likely be participating at camp in 2022.  

Camp Founder - Bart Templeman - Volunteer Throws Coach: Lake City High School; Idaho and St. Anthony High School; Hawaii. Former Throws Coach, North Idaho College, Boise High School, Minico High School; Idaho and the Olympic Training Center, Chula Vista, CA.  Owner and Founder of the Iron Wood Throws Center (1620), Rathdrum, ID.  

Camp Director - Sarah Walker - Arizona State University Thrower; most decorated female thrower in NCAA History with 15 All American honors and 2 NCAA National Championships (shot put and discus), and 98 NCAA points scored; Throws Coach: Buffalo HS, Buffalo, WY

Camp Director - Kristine Rothwell - University of Idaho Thrower; Throws Coach: Iron Wood Throwers Center and Coeur d'Alene HS, Coeur d'Alene, ID


Event Coordinators

(Discus) Garrett Middleton - Throws Coach: Corvallis HS - Corvallis, MT 


(Javelin) Dana Pounds-Lyon - United States Air Force graduate and thrower; two time NCAA Javelin National Champion and Team USA World Championship member

(Rotational Shot Put) Matt Eckman - 18 year Iron Wood Coach; Throws Coach: Rocklin HS - Rocklin, CA

(Glide Shot Put) Ross Walker - Dickinson State University Thrower; Throws Coach: Buffalo HS - Buffalo, WY  

Past Elite Clinicians:

Jarred Rome - (225-7 DT); (66'11' SP); 2x Olympian. Jarred will always be part of the Iron Wood Family (deceased September 21, 2019).

Ben Plucknett - (237-4), 1x Olympian, American Record Holder. Ben will always be part of the Iron Wood Family (deceased November 17, 2002).

Al Oerter - (227-10 DT), 4x Olympic Champion, 4x World Record Holder. He will always be with us (deceased October 1, 2007).

Colin Anderson - (69-2 SP), 1x Olympian. He will always be with us (deceased November 10, 2014).

Mac Wilkins - (232-10 DT) 4x Olympian, Olympic Gold Medalist, Olympic Silver Medalist, 4x World Record Holder

Reese Hoffa (73-7 SP) World Champion, Olympic Medalist, 3x Olympian

Lance Deal - (270-9 HT), 4x Olympian, Olympic silver medalist, American Record Holder

John Godina - (72-10 SP, 229-4 DT), 3x Olympian-in two events, Olympic silver medalist, Olympic bronze medalist, 4x World Champion

Brian Oldfield - (75-0 SP), 1x Olympian, 3x World Record Holder

Ramona Pagel - (66-2.50 SP), 4x Olympian, former American Record Holder

Wolfgang Schmidt - (233-5 DT), 2x Olympian, Olympic Silver Medalist, 1x World Record Holder

Dr. L. Jay Silvester - 4 x Olympian, Olympic Silver Medalist, 4x World Record Holder

Lynne Anderson - (189-6 DT), 2x Olympian, former American Record Holder

Duncan Atwood - (308-1 JT), 2x Olympian, former American Record Holder

Mike Buncic - (227-7 DT), 2x Olympian

Jill Camarena - (66-2.50 SP), 2x Olympian former American Record Holder

Kara Winger- (218-8 JAV) American Record Holder, 3x Olympian, 7x US Champion

Bob MacKay - Throws Coach, Modesto College; California, Moorpark College; California

Tony Ciarelli - Newport HS, California. Most decorated coach in USA High School history. 

Lex Strom - Private Biomechanist/Coach

Lucais MacKay - (239-4 HT), Throws Coach, Penn State University; Pennsylvania

Jessica Cross - (218-3 HT, 62-10.75 SP), 1x Olympian-in two events

Dick Cochran - (215-0 DT), 1960 Olympic Bronze Medalist

Harold Connolly - (233-9 HT), 2x Olympian, 1956 Olympic Gold Medalist, 6x World Record Holder. He will always be with us (deceased August 18, 2010).

Dawn Ellerbe - (231-8 HT), 1x Olympian, former American Record Holder

Erin Gilbreath - (242-4 HT), 1x Olympian, former American Record Holder

Neil Steinhauser - (68-11.25 SP), 1x World Record Holder

Karin Smith - (212-6 JT) 5x Olympian, American Collegiate Record Holder

Becky Breisch - (221-0 DT), post-collegiate athlete

Britney Henry - (234-1 HT) 

Ian Waltz - (226-1 DT), 2x Olympian

Dan Nipp - 28 year camp staff veteran; former Throws Coach, Post Falls High School; Idaho

Ed Ardnt - 25 year camp staff veteran – Throws Coach, Twin Falls High School; Idaho

Kibwe Johnson; (263-5 HT) 2x Olympian, 5x US Champion

Larry Johnson; 30 year camp staff veteran; former Throws Coach, Idaho Falls High School; Idaho

Dr. Larry Judge - Throws Chair, USA Track & Field Coaching Education; former Throws Coach, University of Florida

Mike Judge - Club Coach, Throw1Deep; Georgia

Past Collegiate Coach Staff Members:
TJ Crater - University of Arizona, University of Washington
David Dumble - Oregon State, Arizona State University
Keith Vance - Air Force Academy, Boise State University
Lucais MacKay - Penn State University
Joe Riccio - Grand Canyon University
Christa Youngern - San Francisco  State University
Jeremy Snow - Western Illinois University
Adam Riddle - Concordia University-Portland
Robert Marlow - University of Santa Barbera
Brittany Aanstad - Central Washington University
David Paul - University of Montana
Mandy Federici - University of Hawaii
Matt Ingribritsen - Utah State/Head Coach
Mohamad Sattara - University of California, University of Michigan
Katelyn Ciarelli - University of California Irvine
Julie Taylor - Washington State University, University of Idaho
Tim Taylor - Washington State University, University of Idaho

John Dagata - Olympic Training Center Director, University of Oklahoma
Carrie Lane - University of Virginia, University of Wyoming
Marcia Mecklenberg - Eastern Washington University, Head Coach
Michelle Eisenreich – Brown University, Stanford University
Brian Forrester - University of Akron
John Newell - University of Tennessee, Michigan State University
Dan O'Mara - former Throws Coach Iowa State University
Glenn McAtee - former Throws Coach Clemson University. 
Gary Basket - Whitworth University
Richard Ulm - former Throws Coach New Mexico State University
Howie Kellogg - former Throws Coach Settle Pacific University
Chandra Flynn - former Throws Coach Sacramento State University
Jacqueline Nasca - former Throws Coach American River College 
Tyg Long - Black Hills State University; South Dakota
Bill Caton - former Throws Coach Cal-State Fullerton 

Past Elite Staff Members:
Brit Klanert-Austin – (164-2 JT), post collegiate athlete
Doug Bosted – Throws Coach; West Richland, Washington
David Badovinac – Throws Coach, Jesuit High School; California
John Badovinac – Throws Coach, Jesuit High School; California
Tai Battle – (184-9 DT), post-collegiate athlete
Martin Bingisser – (222-1 HT), post-collegiate athlete
Adriane Blewitt – (60-0.25 SP), post-collegiate athlete
Dan Briggs – former Throws Coach; Interlake High School; Washington
Jennifer Broncheau – Throws Coach, Capital High School; Idaho
Will Conwell – (208-3 DT), post-collegiate athlete
Pat Corbett – USA Weightlifting Strength Coach
Joe Cooney – Throws Coach, Vacaville High School; California
Bill Critchfield – Throws Coach, Parma High School; Idaho
James Dennis – (208-8 DT), post-collegiate athlete
Jennifer Donatelli – post-collegiate athlete
John Donch – former Throws Coach, Christian Brothers School; California
Keith Eagers – Throws Coach, Renton High School; Washington
Karl Erickson – (201-4 DT), post-collegiate athlete
Angela Foster – post-collegiate athlete
Frank Garrett – Throws Coach, Salmon High School; Idaho
Matt Godbehere – Throws Coach, Shafter High School; California
Steve Green – Throws Coach, Vacaville High School; California
Rick Hoxmeier – former Throws Coach, Hillsboro High School; Oregon
Gary Kosikowski – Club Coach, Oregon
Jarrod Hughes – Head Coach, Priest River High School; Idaho
Ken Kraebel – Throws Coach; California
Terry Long – Throws Coach, Custer High School; South Dakota
Mike Louisiana – Club Coach, Nevada
David Malcolm – Throws Coach; Keizer, Oregon
George Matthews – Club Coach, Idaho
Jim Miller – Throws Coach, Rocklin High School; California
Westin Morrill – post-collegiate athlete
Charles Novascone – Throws Coach, Burroughs High School; California
Arlen Olson – 20 year camp staff veteran – Throws Coach,
Lewis Clark State College; Idaho
David Paul – (229-8 HT), post-collegiate athlete
Summer Pierson – (199-5 DT), post-collegiate athlete
James Parker – former Throws Coach; Layton, Utah
Tom Rowley – Throws Coach, Natrona County High School; Wyoming
Everett Samuel-Smith – Throws Coach, Rocklin High School; California
Mat Schwinn – (199-1 DT), post-collegiate athlete
Todd Shumway – Throws Coach, Preston High School; Idaho
Dr. Bob Silverman – Throws Coach, Central Dauphin High School; Pennsylvania
Crystal Smith – (225-0 HT), post-collegiate athlete
Mike Sullivan – Throws Coach, Vacaville High School; California
Chuck Suter – Throws Coach, Rock Springs High School; Wyoming
Glenn Thompson – Club Coach, Long & Strong Throwers; Pennsylvania
Sean Tripp – Throws Coach, Sutherlin High School; Oregon
Drew Ulrick – (198-11 DT), post-collegiate athlete
Leonard Vierson – former Throws Coach, Glennallen High School; Alaska
Jessica Welk – Throws Coach, Coeur d’Alene High School; Idaho
Audra Wood – Throws Coach, Firth High School; Idaho
Derek Woodske – (242-1 HT), post-collegiate athlete