The Iron Wood Thrower Development Camp offers 'world-class'
instruction in the four throwing events of Track and Field: Discus,
Hammer, Javelin, and Shot Put.
Whether our campers are just beginning their throwing careers, entering their final year of competition, or extending their careers as masters’ throwers, we are confident that we can help them achieve a higher level of success.

Our Mission:

The Iron Wood Thrower Development Camp exists to provide each participant with the opportunity to optimize their athletic potential and improve their physical and mental preparedness for scholastic competition and beyond.
The Principles That Guide Us:

Our staff has been working together for many years to develop and maintain a well coordinated learning environment.

Our curriculum is designed to accommodate all levels of experience.
Our teaching progression features a whole-part-method of instruction and is reinforced by staff directed video feedback sessions. Campers also review printed photo sequences with various coaches.
With isolated throwing areas for each event and over 60 separate throwing pads in use at each session for the discus and shot put sites, a low camper to coach ratio is ensured to provide an optimal learning experience for all.
Due to this supportive atmosphere, our campers are able to achieve high levels of success.

--Larry Johnson, former Skyline and Idaho Falls High School throws coach, member of IWT coaching staff for 20 years
"Since Iron Wood Thrower’s Camp was started with 16-18 high school throwers, many of the participants from the state of Idaho have gone on to win or place in the State championships in both men and women’s shot and discus in all five of the state classes. In addition, both the men and women’s overall state records in the shot put and discus are held by Iron Wood throwers. The camp participants also incude many throwers from all over the United States who have gone on to become successful junior college, college, and Olympic competitors. As a coach of athletes who have attended IWT over the years and who have accumulated 33 medals in men and women’s shot and discus competitions in the Idaho State championships, I highly recommend the Iron Wood Throwing Camp for both beginning and advanced throwers."
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