The Iron Wood Thrower Development Camp offers 'world-class'
instruction in the four throwing events of Track and Field: Discus,
Hammer, Javelin, and Shot Put.
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Where do the campers and coaches stay?
Resident campers and coaches will be housed in the dorms at the College. Everyone will have a bed to sleep in but please bring a sleeping bag/bedding, and a pillow as it is not provided.
How many meals are provided?
We will eat all meals in the College cafeteria. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are provided with a variety of food options to Resident Campers and Coaches only.
What is the coach/athlete ratio?
Typically, the ratio of coaches per athletes attending the camp is one coach for every 4-5 athletes.
What are the most important things to bring to camp?
Bedding/sleeping bag, pillow, towel, toiletries, throwing shoes, implements, sunscreen, athletic clothes.
What are the age limits for Participants?
14 - 100 years
Under 14 years must be accompanied by parent or coach
Are male and female athletes housed separately?
Male and female athletes will be housed on separate, well chaperoned, floors in the residence hall.
How much free time do athletes have?
Typically, 1 ½ hours after meals and before bed check.
Can athletes participate only in chosen events?
Athletes may participate in any or all of the four throwing arenas.
Can fees be paid at registration?
No, ALL fees must be paid before the registration and payment deadline of June 25, 2017.
Are refunds available?
Camp fees are refundable less a $100 handling fee if written cancellation is received and approved by camp staff before June 25th. After June 25th camp fees can be refundable less a $330 dollar fee. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE PAID UPON VOLUNTARY WITHDRAWAL OR INVOLUNTARY EXPULSION. Should a camper leave camp due to injury or illness, the camp fee is also nonrefundable.
How long are the daily sessions?
Sessions are usually from 2 ½ - 3 hours long.
Can I choose my roommate?
Yes, providing you notify the IWT office of your roommate choice BEFORE June 25th. Under no circumstances will roommates by changed after the June 25th deadline.
Are scholarships available?
Yes, there are camp scholarships available on a financial need basis. Please contact Bart Templeman at to apply.
Are there throwing shoes and equipment available for purchase at the camp?
Yes, several representatives are on site offering discounts on throwing merchandise. Shirts, Hats and equipment will be on sale during registration, each day during the camp and also during checkout on the last day of camp.
If flying, do I bring my implements with me?
If you are flying to camp, please try to bring your implements with you. We understand that the implements are heavy, costly, and difficult to travel with, but we only have limited amounts of equipment to lend our campers.

If you are driving to camp, please bring ALL your implements with you! Iron Wood implements are reserved for our campers who are flying or do not own implements.
Can I pay for camp with a school/district check?
Yes, you can pay with a school or district check. Please email us at to let us know you will bring the check with you on the first day of camp. Also, please let us know if you will need a receipt for your payment!
Can my child fly alone to camp?
Yes, but airlines do have limitations on age. If your child is under the age then the airline might require a flight chaperone. Please check with your airline for requirements. Iron Wood Camp and staff will not be able to provide a chaperone.
--Duncan Atwood, two time Olympian ranked third in the world, member of IWT staff for 15 years.
"Great kids, great staff and great results. I always look forward to the camp – every year I learn from the athletes and staff. It’s very rewarding to see the kids improve and the enthusiasm grow. Many thanks to all the folks who make Iron Wood possible."
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